Monday, November 10, 2014

10 Year Monacan High School Reunion

My high school class had it's 10 year reunion Saturday night at Triple Crossing Brewery (which a classmate of ours co-owns)! I prepped for this event by digging out my senior scrapbook on Friday night...

Senior Parties

Show Choir 2004...

In 2014... I think we aged well!
More senior events with my closest friends.

Senior Day at school- I think we had an awards ceremony this day.
I love this note... :) P.S. My handwriting still looks exactly this way.

Center Stage (show choir) senior year- we were very good that year! 
Senior Pic in Maymont!
I think we look pretty good for 10 years!
The reunion was fun and went by very fast. It was hard to chat with everyone and there were certain people I didn't see until the end when we had to leave (and lots of people I didn't recognize)! We had the brewery from 8-11 PM, and I was with the last group to leave at 12:30 AM (I am sure the workers were annoyed)! Everyone is doing great and was so nice. It was interesting to hear people's opinions of me after 10 just makes you realize how so much of what you worry about in high school are things no one thinks/cares/notices about you (or they think the opposite of what you would expect). I like to think I was pretty much friends or friendly with everyone- I was always in the accelerated/honors classes, but I had popular friends (surprisingly a lot of the popular students in my grade were good students) and friends who weren't, and I hope people think I was nice. That is what is most important to me. You can read about my views on high school here.

 It was refreshing to reminisce with everyone- they are all just the same! I wish we had a daytime event as well, but we can always do that at the next one. Now with facebook and social media, it is easy to keep in touch so reunions are probably less structured than they used to be. But it was great to see those who came, especially those I don't see on a regular basis (I keep in touch with a handful from high school and run into more occasionally from living in the same city). I think the next one will be even better! 

I am glad I reconnected with old friends that I grew up with (many since elementary/middle school- such an interesting time of life...definitely links you to people in different ways) but am happy that I am no longer in high school and am living the life I am today with my amazing friends, recent and old!
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