Sunday, December 14, 2014

Shamrock Marathon Training Week 2

Week two went well! Mileage is slowly increasing (I actually ran an extra day this week so it jumped more than usual), but so far, so good!

Monday: 6 miles @ 9:55 (weights)

This was the Holiday Light Run with Richmond Roadrunners. I was slow to start due to crowds/stoplights. I used this as my long weekday run- it was fun seeing the city lights and running with a big group. I have a hard time waiting until 6 PM to run, though! Stomach was also off due to poor snack timing.

Tuesday: 60 minute elliptical + 1.5 walk (abs)

Wednesday: 4.15 @ 9:12 (before work-> weights)

Thursday: 4.15 @ 9:14 (before work->abs) + 3.2 mile walk after work

Friday: 2.3 mile walk after work (weights)

Saturday: 10 miles @ 9:25 (started faster but settled into a good pace...could have gone longer!)

No Starbucks this week but still smiling after ten! I was perfectly clothed this week, which was also great!

Sunday: 5.6 miles @  9:07 (abs).

Total: 29. 9 running + 7 walking

Woo hoo! Looking forward to hitting 12 miles on my long run next week and good looking weather for the week! Almost winter break:)

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