Friday, December 19, 2014


Some days I did not think this day would ever get here. Fortunately, winter break has arrived! This year I am so thankful for the break because it has been my first time working during the summer at the school. This week has been fun with a work luncheon yesterday and a celebration this afternoon with coworkers, but I am so looking forward to two weeks of NOTHING related to work. January is a very busy month for me at work, so I will enjoy the relaxation before the storm hits!

To further get in the holiday spirit, friends and I visited some (tacky) holiday lights in our area (Richmond's West End) on Wednesday. I have done Tacky Light Tours in the past, so it was nice to get back out and see some of the lights. It is so nice to have the internet and mapping on your phone to go and make your own tour! I always think about the neighbors, though. They must get annoyed with all the traffic and brightness on the street! And what is their electric bill?

I have some parties this weekend, but things wind down after Monday. I have loved all the socialization (and eating), but I have been lacking on sleep AND reading. I have about three books to read over the two weeks- I think I can manage it:) Enjoy your Friday! I am hopeful to get out of work early and get a good night's sleep before my COLD 12 miler tomorrow morning!

What are your holiday plans? Any tacky lights in your area?

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